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The votes have been counted and the membership has spoken. You’ve unanimously voted to accept the rule changes, but what does that mean for our members? The Green Pen recognises that there is a lot of information to take in and would like to help. Read on to find out how you will be affected...

Rule Changes
•    Day of Week Reporting (for newspapers only and conditions apply)
•    Voluntary Reporting (3 new categories: single issue, more frequent ANPS figures, subscriptions)
•    New sales categories
•    More rigorous returns process

Don’t despair. Our tech bods at the ABC have been working away to update our eLodgement system and make it as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. While it is still in production at the moment, it will build on the existing system, therefore, you should recognise the majority of the pages when you log in after it is launched in October.

Of course the system will be updated accordingly to accommodate the new sales categories, day of the week, and voluntary reporting. These new pages will be easy to follow and complete and should not add much extra time to the process of completing your eLodgement. We will be sending a user guide when the changes are put into place.

Auditor Accreditation
ABC auditors will not be required to undergo further auditor accreditation training following the rule changes. However an education programme will follow the release of the new Rules to improve understanding of the changes to the rules and what qualifies in ANPS.

Further Education
An education program including workshops and communications about the new ABC print rules will be rolled out later in the year. Meanwhile, training tools will be placed on the website in the coming weeks.


Green Pen

Auditor accreditation training almost complete

The Audit Bureaux’s comprehensive Auditor Accreditation Training Program for auditors and audit support staff will be completed by June 2011 for ABC auditors and July 2011 for CAB auditors.

Since late 2010, the Audit Bureau has held training sessions across Australia, including Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Those unable to meet up for the intensive training sessions, were able to take advantage of teleconference training.

Participating auditors and support staff who have completed their mandatory training have undertaken a rigorous online exam. Those who passed are accredited for three years.

The Audit Bureau is also providing ongoing training for new auditors and their teams on a continuous basis, to ensure a full and up-to-date understanding of the ever-changing landscape of print distribution and digital auditing.

“The Auditor Accreditation program is a vital ingredient in maintaining a reliable and comparable media standard as it will ensure circulation audits are being conducted consistently,” says Audit Bureau chief executive Paul Dovas. “We congratulate and welcome all accredited auditors on board.”

The accreditation programme has been developed to provide guidance to auditors and their audit staff working on CAB and ABC audits on the application of the guidelines which address the complexity of the rules, new rules and amendments, using the eLodgement programme, and accessing data online.

To view the most up to date list of individuals and organisations with the latest accreditation click here for ABC Auditor Accreditation List and CAB Auditor Accreditation List lists.

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations, Circulations Audit Board, Paul Dovas.
By: Philip Jenkinson

Meet Arry’s audit team

The ABC and CAB’s Audit Manager, Arry Kusnadi, heads up the auditing team for the Bureaux, and he and his team members have wide-ranging experience in auditing practises.

ABC's Education Sales Defined

Recently, you may have noticed media coverage regarding the reporting of Average Net Paid Sales and the treatment of Education Sales for some newspaper members. The ABC is currently investigating the allegations raised, the outcomes of which will be reported to the Executive Committee, in due course.

Production Problems? Find out how to apply for an Exemption

Printing presses jam, distribution trucks break down and even Mother Nature can vent her anger now and then, all of which can impact the net paid sales or net distribution of your publication, impacting negatively on your audit figure. Both ABC and CAB publisher members are entitled to claim for an exemption should such a case arise.

Unbundling Bundled Sales

Bundled Sales were introduced last year in recognition of the changing nature of consumer purchasing behaviour and the impact it was having on the publishing industry. To provide transparency on the use of Bundled Sales by publishers, a new category was introduced to highlight the % of Australian Average Net Paid Sales which resulted from Bundled Sales.

Lets Shake On It

Many of the new Verified Bulk Distribution reporting categories require the distribution to be conducted ‘Under Arrangement’ with a third-party. E.g. Education Distribution requires a title to be distributed 'under arrangement by or with the Media Member for distribution at a learning institution’.

Dear Green Pen

Dear Green Pen, I supply newsagents 5,000 copies per issue. How do I account for them in my a CAB audit? Optimistic Melbourne, Victoria

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