Benefits: Print Publishers

Publishers, through either the ABC and/or CAB audit, have an opportunity to showcase their commitment towards their advertisers by verifying circulation and distribution claims. There is nothing more important than an advertiser achieving the reach they invested in. The benefits of ABC and/or CAB membership includes:

  • An AMAA audit will verify your circulation claim
  • The AMAA are highly regarded by advertisers allowing publishers, through marketing and selling, to leverage their membership

  • Membership is a low cost investment to ensure increased advertiser confidence

  • Access to advertisers and agency members

  • Our marketing and communications team is always looking at ways to bring added value to our membership base, some of these include:

      • Annual conference

      • Roadshows promoting audited media

      • PR campaigns

      • Mobilising Advertisers Campaign

Current Issue: $29m Lost to Media Scams

In the past year alone, more than 150 ‘fake’ publications are estimated to have been operating in Australia. These fake publications trick businesses into spending more than $29 million annually on advertisements that never reach their intended audience every year. If your publication is audited advertisers don't have to fear they are wasting their budgets in risky campaigns.