Are you a publisher?

No matter what type of publication or product you deliver to readers Audited Media can provide you with an audit service that will enable you to provide verified data about your circulation to advertisers and media buyers.

The first step is determining which industry body can provide you with the audit service you need.

Do you publish a magazine, journal or newspaper with a majority paid circulation?

If so, then the ABC audit service is the one for you.

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Do you publish a magazine, journal or newspaper that has a majority free distribution?

If so, then the CAB audit service is the industry body for you. Download the appropriate membership form below:

> CAB Business & Professional Publication Application
> CAB Specialty Publications Application
> CAB Community Newspaper Application
> CAB Community Language Newspaper/ Publication Application

Audited Media audit services add value to your business by providing an independent currency for buying and selling of media. We promote partnerships by listening to our members, to offer a trusted impartial and professional service.


Do you publish a website?

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