Audited Website Measurement Service

  • Members receive industry agreed, audited trading metrics

  • Show Advertisers & Agencies that your numbers can be trusted

  • Gain competitive advantage through the AMAA network

AMAA Orange TickThe AMAA Audited Website Measurement Service provides independently audited website measurement to the Australian media industry. Combining industry agreed metrics, a rigorous audit framework and world-class technologies, the service provides accuracy and trust for those engaged in buying and selling advertising on the web. Audited publishers receive the AMAA Orange Tick to use on their website, media kits and promotional materials. Advertisers and Agency Members have access to the AMAA’s reporting systems to assist with their planning and placement of advertising on audited websites.

How it Works

Website publishers receive a tag from the AMAA to place on their website. Once the tag is installed, the website undergoes a complete and comprehensive audit to assess:

  • Compliance to AMAA Measurement Rules and Guidelines

  • Correct placement and execution of tags across the site

  • Accuracy of data being generated

Once the website has passed the initial audit, it is listed in AMAA’s eData portal displaying the following audited metrics on a monthly basis:

  • Average Daily Unique Browsers

  • Page Impressions

  • Session data such as average page duration and time spent

Further audits are conducted by the AMAA on an ongoing basis including site scanning and data monitoring, with manual audits occurring at least twice per year.

Audit Framework

The AMAA Audited Web Measurement Service has been developed with a framework that leverages four key elements:

  1. SuperTag, a tag management system that allows for ease of tag deployment and maintenance
  2. The Digital Analytix platform from comScore for the analytics engine
  3. Site Scanning Technology from ObservePoint
  4. AMAA’s Audit & reporting framework

Sign Up Now

Web audit fees start at just $110 per month for sites up to 500,000 PI per month. To sign up to the Web Audit Service please call us on 02 8912 6001 or email us at marketing@auditedmedia.org.au