Event Audits Are Easy!

Don’t let the term ‘audit’ turn you away. Our process is actually really simple and requires minimal resources and effort.


Step One: Fill out the membership form

Please fill out the event registration form with as much detail. Particularly important is the description of your registration and/or ticketing system. This will provide for the auditor to understand what proof is required. Click here for our membership form.


Step Two: Await approval from our team

Membership to our organisation requires an initial approval from the Board. This does not take long, so expect a quick response from our team who will confirm that your application is successful They will also inform of you of the next two steps.


Step Three: Send us your raw data, claim and logos

Once your show is complete, you are required to make a claim on how many Unique Visitors your show had. Also you must send us the raw data and/or ticket sales proof to the auditor with your company and show logos.

While you wait, we suggest the following:

Step Four: Receive your certificate report

There is nothing else to do. The auditor will aim to complete the report and certificate within two weeks. You might receive a friendly call if the auditor has any questions.