Marketing Services

In addition to our audit services, we offer our members marketing support in the promotion of their audit membership and figures.



Educate your advertisers of the importance the Audited Media Association of Australia's (AMAA) audits through a targetted direct mail campaign. 

What is AdLift?

The AMAA’s AdLift is a free service available to publisher members aimed at helping our members educate their advertiser contact base of the significance of auditing.

What does it involve?

Publisher members are invited to provide us with a database of contacts and a small fee of $1 per contact to cover stationery, postage and production costs. The letter or email, which can be tailored for you, details the importance of being an AMAA member, how this impacts on your advertisers and why they should insist on audited data from all their publishers.

What does it mean for your advertisers?

Your advertisers gain a proper understanding of our audits and therefore gain a deeper trust in your brand and the numbers you quote to them. They are also directed to access our  Quick Find online tool and view the data for themselves.

Why use AdLift?

AdLift is a cheap and cost-effective way of reaching out to your advertising base and educating them of the importance of the AMAA's auditing. The AMAA is frequently contacted about people acting fraudulently by selling adverts for titles that do not exist. AdLift gives you the ability to give your advertisers the confidence that you are a legitimate title, with a quantifiable customer base, that deserves their business.

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