Free / Controlled Distribution Print Audit

This audit service is for publications mainly distribute their copies for free (although sold copies can be accounted for in the audit process). The audit verifies the average distribution per issue and reports the distribution methods used to deliver the title to recipients e.g. delivered to individuals, sold through retail outlets, distributed in public by hand etc.

This audit is a CAB service. Learn more about the CAB.

Publication types that fall under this category include:

  • Business & Professional Publications (including membership publications)

  • Specialty Publications

  • Community Newspapers

  • Community Language Publications/Newspapers

What does the audit report?

The audit establishes the Average Net Distribution (AND) per issue of a publication in a defined audit period and reports how the publication was distributed to the recipients. The audit process is quite straightforward, commencing with proof of printing and then followed by proof of distribution, and distribution method, to establish the average net distribution per issue. The audit looks at every issue published in the audit period.

When do you report an audit?

There are two reporting periods each year:

  • Period ending March, data reported in May

  • Period ending September, data reported in November

How much does it cost to audit?

To be eligible to complete an audit you must first become a member of the AMAA. There is an annual fee for membership which is charged per masthead. Membership is $531.25 (inc GST) from July to June each year.

The audit fee is charged at $605 per audit.

How many audits will I have to complete in a year?

1-12 issues per year - one audit per year and one publisher statement

12+ issues per year - two audits per year


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