Other Print Audits

We offer additional bespoke audits for your print publication such as unaddressed distribution audits and profile demographic audits. If you are interested in either of these services, or perhaps you need something tailor-made, then please contact us and we will do our best to recommend a service to suit your needs.

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Unaddressed Distribution Audits

The Unaddressed Distribution Audit verifies the distribution of unaddressed items using industry agreed delivery metrics and reports the total net delivery for a single engagement.

This service is aimed at advertisers using third-party distributors to reach consumers through letterbox and household delivery formats.

To be eligible to complete an Unaddressed Distribution Audit, you will first have to complete a print audit for your publication. Click here to find out more about becoming a member. The publication must be a current member of Audited Media and have completed an audit in the most recent audit period.

When do you report?

The audit is conducted over the length or duration of the delivery engagement from single to multiple days.


What does the Unaddressed Audit Show?

Any item from a printed product such as a catalogue to a product sample or offering can be verified through the unaddressed distribution audit.

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Profile Demographic Audits

The Profile Demographic Audit is an optional additional audit of a single issue that verifies the demographic of recipients of an audited publication from data collected by the publisher. This audit is available to Business and Professional publications that have auditable demographic information for 20% or more of their Average Net Distribution.

When do you Report?

The audit is conducted on a nominated issue once per year. The publication must have be a current Audited Media member and have completed an audit in the most recent audit period.

What does a Profile Demographic Audit show?

The audit takes a detailed look at the recipients of a publication. It reports job title/job function and industry classifications of the recipients as well as any publisher-collected demographic, such as number of employees, budget approval etc. The audit also reports the method of request and the age of those who have requested the title.

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