Paid Circulation

This audit service is for publications that mainly sell their copies (copies that are given away or are free can not be counted as part of the audit). The audit verifies an average number of sales per issue.

This audit is an ABC service. Learn more about the ABC.

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Publication types that fall under this category include:

  • Consumer Magazines

  • National & Metropolitan Newspapers

  • Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIMs)

  • Regional Newspapers

  • Agricultural Publications

  • Country Press

  • Indigenous & Ethnic Newspapers

  • Overseas Newspapers


What does the audit show?

An ABC audit reports the Average Net Paid Print Sales (ANPPS) per issue of a publication. The audit looks at every issue published in the audit period, and checks sales for each issue. The process begins with the print run and then establishes the volume of copies sold and the volume that remain unsold. Only paid for copies are reported.

Average Net Paid Print Sales – What counts?

  • Copies sold through retailers, wholesale distributors, sellers and other regular channels of distribution or sale who pay a Wholesale Price for the Publication (this includes channels such as newsagents and supermarkets and many more).

  • Copies that are sold at the Cover Price to an individual.

  • Copies that are sold as Individual Subscriptions.

The following categories are included in the Average Net Paid Print Sales total, but also reported as a percentage as well:

  • Accommodation & Hotel Sales

  • Airline Sales

  • Bundled Sales

  • School Sales

  • Tertiary Education Subscription Sales

  • Event Sales

More information about the above categories are available in our Rules and Guidelines section.


When do you report an audit?

Weekly Magazines, National, Metropolitan, Newspaper Inserted Magazines, Saturday and Sunday Newspapers, Regional Dailies, Country Press and Agricultural Publications with circulation greater than 25,000 are reported quarterly in:

  • January to March – reported in early May

  • April to June – reported in early August

  • July to September – reported in early November

  • October to December – reported in early February

All other publications (including monthly magazines) audit or report every six months:

  • January to June – reported in early August

  • July to December – reported in early February

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How much does it cost to audit?

To be eligible to complete an audit you must first become a member of Audited Media. There is an annual fee for membership which is charged per masthead. Membership is on a sliding scale based on the circulation of the publication and starts from $527 (inc GST) from July to June each year.

The audit fee is usually charged at $605 per audit. How many issues you publish and the type of publication you are getting audited will determine how many audits you require per year.

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